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I really wish I had gotten into Voyager when it was still on the air. Then I wouldn't be so alone in my love!

I've finally made it to season 7. I'm warming up a bit to the whole Torres/Paris relationship but I still think they should have put those two with other people. I really wish I had more episodes to watch. Obviously the show couldn't have been too bad in order to have lasted 7 seasons. Sure it has suffered from some weak writing at times but Star Trek isn't known for its Emmy nominated storylines("Into the Light" being the exception not the rule). I don't find Voyager to be any worse than The Next Generation for cheesiness/bad writing/general stupidity. So I don't know where people are getting the whole 'Voyager sucks' attitude. Enterprise was far worse IMO. Maybe I should try Deep Space Nine. I was all star trekked out by the time it came on the air so I never got into it(the same reason I initially avoided Voyager). Too much of a good thing I guess!

One thing that is really disappointing about Voyager has been the lack of decent fanfic online. A lot of this has to do with the fact that many(read:most) voyager fan pages were on geocities and after geocities collapsed it took a lot of these pages with it to the grave! So I've been trying to find recommended fics and most of the time I get a lot of 404 messages(or something similar). There are still Voyager archives but a lot of people who wrote stories back in the day haven't bothered to put their fics back up(understandable really considering they are no longer actively involved in Voyager fandom). I have tried using the WayBack Machine a couple of times but I can't stand the fact that you can't click on the links in the pages. Sad.

It is 2 AM and I have to work in the morning...
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