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Nov. 24th, 2012 08:24 am
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:( I wonder if it had anything to do with his support for Mitt Romney*(who I admit I find to be a scary right wing American Republican). While I think it was a tremendously unclassy move for Mike Rowe to openly support a political party that seems to have so little empathy for the working class**(or women/gays/the non-religious etc.) I didn't think his show should get cancelled for it. He is genuinely entertaining to watch.

Okay I admit I kind of loved the show and I was looking forward to new episodes. I guess after seven seasons they just ran out of jobs. Or he got sick of the whole thing and wanted to move on. Whatever. I'm just irritated that I only started watching the show this past season and it is already canceled! I never seem to get into anything that isn't either near the end of its run or post cancellation. I'm waiting for Mythbusters to get the axe too.

*Thank you America for not voting him in! I was worried about what might happen in my country if the U.S. continued it's rapid shift to the right. Admittedly Obama is not a saint and his election certainly wont end America's conservative movement, but he has got to be better than the guy the Tea Party was endorsing.

**The same group of people that Mike Rowe seemed to be so supportive of in his show.

ETA: Apparently he never intended to endorse Romney. Or so he says on his blog...
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