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Did I mention I recently bought all 7 seasons of Star Trek:Voyager? I've been happily gorging myself for the past month! However I have just gotten to the part where B'Elanna and Tom Paris start getting together and it is a little awkward. I like both characters but the actors that play them don't seem to have any real chemistry IMO. If they had gone with B'Elanna/Chakotay or Paris/Kes, or Paris/Seven it would have been less cringeworthy. Alas.
lampadiglobus: William Shatner is a national treasure. (pic#331623)
I just blew 400 dollars of backpay on all 7 seasons of Voyager. I'm really enjoying the show!

I just worked my first nightshift alone in the area of the hospital lab that I've been assigned. I was very nervous at first but it really wasn't that hard. It was a slow night which helped. I liked the quiet as it allowed me to rewrite most of my notes. They were a mess.
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Lately, I've been binging on Voyager episodes ala youtube. I never really watched the show back when it first aired( I was all Star Trekked out from TNG) but now I realize that I have missed Trek's optimism about the future. It seems to be all 'dark, gritty' sci-fi nowadays(Say hello, Battlestar Galactica)! Not that I don't like dark and gritty mind you. I loved Battlestar Galactica. I just like a little bright and happy, "we are innocent explorers of the universe" every now and again. Plus they have a diverse cast and a woman for a captain! I really appreciate the effort that Gene Roddenberry made to be inclusive(he is deeply missed in the franchise for sure**).

**Let's not discuss the travesty that was Star Trek: Enterprise. Or the new movie which, while not horrible, wasn't nearly as awesome as it could have been(Uhura still managed to be wallpaper and they refrigerated Spock's mom-ugh).


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